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(September thru May)

Wednesday Nights.

        Bell Choir Rehearsal (see "Music Ministries")

        Sonbeams (see "Children's Ministries")

        Club Paidione (see "Children's Ministries") 

        Wednesday Night Youth Group

        Adult Bible Study Class

Join Us starting June 10th, 

as we start our journey

 through the Book of Romans.

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events here at E Free Church.  These events are open to all.  Please call the church office if you would like additional information.


June 24th - Worship service, 9 am; "The Highway to Heaven is Paved with the Gospel", Romans 1:14-17

"The Apostle Paul turns the spotlight on the Gospel of Christ.  This is what the book of Romans is all about.  If you want the Book of Romans to make sense to you, you must understand the gospel; it's the heart of biblical Christianity and it's the power of God to salvation to everyone who believes.

June 25 - 29th - Vacation Bible Camp 

July 1st - Worship service, 9 am