What's Happening

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(September thru May)

Wednesday Nights.

        Bell Choir Rehearsal (see "Music Ministries")

        Sonbeams (see "Children's Ministries")

        Club Paidione (see "Children's Ministries") 

        Wednesday Night Youth Group

        Adult Bible Study Class

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events here at E Free Church.  These events are open to all.  Please call the church office if you would like additional information.


August 16th - Word of God Wednesday, 10:30am-4pm; teens (and new 6th graders) are invited to come and share a Bible verse w/the group and have some good Christian fellowship (bring bible & sack lunch)
August 20th - Worship Service @ 9am, "Serious Discipleship"
Sept. 13th - Wednesday Night Ministries begins!!
Sept. 29th-30th - Live Streaming of Revive Our Hearts Women's Conference event in church sanctuary.  Contact church office for more information.