What's Happening

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(September thru May)

Wednesday Nights.

        Bell Choir Rehearsal (see "Music Ministries")

        Sonbeams (see "Children's Ministries")

        Club Paidione (see "Children's Ministries") 

        Wednesday Night Youth Group

        Adult Bible Study Class

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events here at E Free Church.  These events are open to all.  Please call the church office if you would like additional information.


April 21st - Men's Breakfast, 7:30am-9:30am, Speaker is Pastor Glenn White of Faith Baptist Church, Wautoma; Topic is "What is a True Disciple?" 

April 22nd - Worship service, 9am, "Peter Denies The Lord", Mark 14:66-72

April 29th - Worship service, 9am