Our Passions

Our Purpose:

We Exist to glorify God by intentionally developing commited followers of Jesus Christ, who reproduce that commitment in others.

Our Passion:
As an aid to memory, we've condensed our vision in this statement
Great Commandment passion with a
Great Commission purpose for a
Great Commitment to Jesus Christ

Our Mission Statement:

Specifically, we intend to fulfill our passion and purpose by

  • EXALTING our Triune God through corporate worship, adoration and praise.
  • ESTABLISHING people in a personal relationship with Christ as Savior, and a commitment to His church through caring, redemptive relations
  • ENABLING them to be self-feeding in the Word, consistent in prayer, Christlike in character in a context of loving, supportive, and mutually accountable relationships.
  • EQUIPPING them to find their full potential for a lifetime of ministry by discovering their spiritual gift(s), developing ministry skills, and deploying them to build up the Body of Christ in love.
  • and EXTENDING their Christian influence beyond the walls of the church building throuhg personal witness, church planting, and world mission sin order to reproduce their commitment to Christ in others.